WIND TURBINE simulator

The app makes the characteristic sound of a wind turbine audible in comparison to other sounds. For this purpose, different sound sources were combined with the typical operating noise of a wind turbine. The superimposed sounds range from conversations to an idyllic flower meadow with a nearby stream to everyday and traffic noises. The sound recordings were made in spring 2023 at a VESTAS V150 model wind turbine in Lower Austria. The wind farm consists of a total of six wind turbines, which have a hub height of 166 meters and a rotor diameter of 150 meters. The distances to the wind turbine were 100, 500 and 1,000 meters respectively. The app was developed by a multidisciplinary team.

client VERBUND

partner Peter Kollreider

MY HABITAT plattform

HUB facilities such as the pool, fitness room, guest rooms or the wellness plot can be booked and reserved via the Habitats web app. The booking system is directly connected to SmartLocks and the rooms can be opened with smart keys. In addition, you have access to the workshop in the central building and can perform small repairs on your own. In the future, swap meets and neighborhood services between residents will also be coordinated clearly and in a time-saving manner via our Habitats APP: Carsharing and carpooling, tool exchange, babysitting, etc. can be coordinated via this platform. („I’m looking“ or „I’m offering“) can be carried out online.


consulting by NEED immersive reality


The Elektra Virtual Museum (EVM) offers you a unique 3D immersive experience, which goes even further than the virtual tours already offered by ELEKTRA. NEED immersive reality realized the project under the artistic direction of studio Baillat (montreal) and released it for windows and mac. You can download the entire application at: download. Here, architecture is freed from the constraints of the real world, from the calculation of forces, from the scarcity of materials. The absence of technical and physical constraints allowed us to concentrate on aesthetic and purely formal research. Between dream and reality, the Elektra Virtual Museum and its programming are constantly reinvented.

client ELEKTRA

partner studio Baillat

Inspiration – Palmenhaus Vienna

The scene is inspired by the neo-classically designed “Palmenhaus” in Vienna and was rendered with UE`s Movie Render Queue. The centerpiece is definitely the interior of the building, which is flooded with soft volumetric light through the generous window architecture.

LINK | ue5

virtual reality Feasibility study

We conducted a feasibility study in virtual reality for our customers. From 3D modeling to the implementation of the virtual reality app, everything comes from our hands. Using elevation layer plans, we accurately remodeled the environment model, recreated buildings and merged them with 360° degree images. Walking through an environment model including the planned measures in advance naturally has massive advantages for the assessment and evaluation of a construction project. Error analyses can be made and aesthetic conditions can be

client singer bau/Granit | HMD Oculus Quest 2 / Standalone

3D animation

AI Footscan |

A 3D image film usually begins with intensive research. Visualizing artificial intelligence in combination with LIDAR 3D scanning poses a number of challenges. This is precisely why the concept phase is of particular importance in our work process and workflows. The entire project was realized with UE4 and delivered in 4K with 60 fps.
client |

3D realtime APP | Liver Cell

In cooperation with our partner company VRlogic, we developed a 3D liver cell as a real-time app for the univerity BTU Cottbus. The modeling of the individual components and the programming of the application in UE4 was implemented by NEED immersive reality.

client BTU Cottbus 

partner VRlogic

Digital Twin & Training in virtual reality

We offer you a wide range of digital training and education options. In addition to virtual training tours, we offer you the development of fully immersive learning scenarios for further training using virtual reality and immersive media.

Virtual Production

The combination of virtual reality and 3D animation opens up a whole new world.


virtual reality | museum

We designed a virtual reality expedition to the top of the world for the exhibition „Gipfelstürmen“ in Austria (Schloß Trautenfels – Universalmuseum Joanneum). It was such a pleasure working with Robert Schauer (curator and first Austrian on the top of Mount Everest in the year 1978) and his team. Getting content from the highest place on earth seemed impossible but it worked out.

curator Rober Schauer

exhibition designer Michael Pletz

client Universalmuseum Joanneum

website Gipfelstürmen

Our virtual reality APPlications are used around the world

Design reviews, automotive fairs, product presentations, museums, VR-trainings, education, digital twins, animation videos, ArchViz.

Virtual Reality | audio simulation

We designed a virtual reality audio simulator for synthesa austria. As market leader of paints, lacquers and plasters the VR simulator makes it possible to hear, see and feel a room with and without acoustic panelsfrom synthesa.


virtuel show house

full immersive virtual reality APP

Primus iEDITION, developed by the Slovenian prefabricated house manufacturer Lumar in cooperation with BMW, focuses on energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. The virtual reality application by NEED offers clients an impressive insight. The application includes a freely walk-around virtual scenery stereoscopically displayed in real time by head-mounted displays (e.g., Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, etc.). Existing static renderings of the house were used during the project implementation as a template for lighting mood and color scheme.

client LUMAR Haus |

UX/UI Design | advice and implementation

We would be happy to advise you on questions of UX / UI design during a development process. Our way of working allows us to build prototypes in a very short time and to improve the interaction design in iterative work steps.


  • conception & consulting

    XR extended realities

    we offer consulting and technical support during the whole process of integrating new technologies in your company. We develop digitization concepts and are happy to implement them in your company. From prototype development to complete integration, we cover the whole range.

  • Virtual & Augmented Reality

    new media, new possibilites

    Virtual and augmented reality offer unbelievable potential for the future of your company and the way in which you communicate with your employees and customers. We are 3D/VR/AR enthusiasts and we love to create new strategies for customers in a wide range of industries.

  • 3D virtual productions

    a hollistic view

    3D content offers incredible possibilities for media content. From 3D animation videos, VR apps to 360 ° tours. We always try to generate as much content as possible for your company. The focus is always high-quality 3D productions for multiple use.

virtual exhibition archive

The highest quality standards for 360° photography are of course also reflected in the programming and content preparation of the tour or digital archive in our work. A 360° tour must be from our point of view with content, videos, images and thereby arise stories. Knowledge transfer happens in this case on a completely different level. We have implemented a digital exhibition archive for the exhibition Gipfelstürmen which was shown in the castle Trautenfels (Universalmuseum Joanneum).

cooperation: vonnebenan | costumer: universalmuseum Joanneum

Holistic Communication

website, renderings, videos, online marketing, 360° Tour

VR Tour (OculusGO), website, 360-Tour, marketing-concept.
For us, it was such an honor to supervise this project from the very beginning. New ways of living together in a global society is one of the most important topics of our time.

Client: habitat mitterdorf |

scope of work website, renderings, videos, online marketing, 360° Tour

Comprehensive advice

In the fields of advertising, PR, digital media and integral communication

scope of work  corporate identity, webdesign, story-boards, webdevelopment.

3D configurator system

webGL – browser based

Our 3D configurators enables people to redesign already existing products, according to their own unique self and NEEDS. The products are viewed in 3D with the help of the lates webGL technolgy, offering your clients a realistic experience and the possibility to configurate and view the products from every existing angle, in different colors and shapes. Our team has alot of expierience in designing 3D  webbased configuration tools.

client Neubauer Türen |

Augmented Reality | AR

NEED AR Technolgoy

We designed a full augmented reality experience for our costumer holc a wooden Pool producer. Within seconds the sales team is able to project 12 different types of pools directly into the garden of their costumers, produce visualizations and configure alot of features.

client |  Holc Naturpools


production simulations, design reviews, maintance and BIM oriented workflows in VR and NON-VR. In cooperation with CAD-FORGE (BIM certified company) we plan the perfect BIM & BIMVR solution for you.